Covid-19 through the lense of under privilege.

Covid-19 through the lense of under privilege.

Covid-19 through the lense of under privilege.

In the wake of this Coronavirus pandemic, We are reawakened to the need for a fully functional government and system of leadership.

In my quarantine, I actively watch governments take on radical measures to ensure that they “slow” or ideally curb the spread of this pandemic.

Leaders in Uganda and India must have taken a sip of the same potion to prompt their security operatives to chase citizens off the streets by all Means!

This is Quite a Brilliant and preventive measure, but allow me to remind you of the following categories of citizens;

  1. The homeless for example; Street children. These Ugandans who have no place to call home. They hadn’t had an income and usually survive on handouts of good passers-by. Some are actually thieves.
  2. People in the low social-economic class. These include single parents and households that live below the poverty line. Their life is best described as “Hand to mouth”

Every day all they wake up to do is work to get a meal so they can survive. Survival is their only goal.

3. Risk group’s like the sick, Persons Living with HIV/AIDs, pregnant women, the elderly, persons living disability ( generally people who constantly may require constant access to medical services)

4. People in situations of conflict and war. People affected by all forms of abuse ie. Gender-Based Violence, Child abuse , sexual violence, emotional violence, etc.

Is mandatory quarantine the most practical option for them??!What happens to them during such a crisis?

💥 People in the low social economic class risk dying of hunger before COVID-19 even reaches their settlements.

💥 People in Risk groups may die from the failure to access medication to treat the diseases they already battle.

Hopelessness is what remains for us who cannot afford to practice social distancing, social isolation, regular washing and sanitizing.We remain abandoned with no one to help us through this difficult time unless governments come in place to extend relief and incentives to them.

I call upon our dear President and any entities that can help combat the effects of this pandemic to consider the “Omwavu”

Remember that these people are Ugandans like us.

They deserve to live and it’s your responsibility to take care of them.

When they call unto the government for help, may you listen to their cry bearing in mind that NO ONE CHOOSES SUFFERING!

We need an inclusive lockdown that attempts to tackle the different social-economic challenges of our population. We need social protection strategies that buffer the unseen effects of this pandemic.

Desist from speaking from a position of privilege and judging people’s actions .

As I conclude,allow me to list some facts ;

  1. The enemy is not the people or the leaders. The enemy is COVID-19.
  2. Ugandans don’t over complain. The government MUST provide for her citizens as it lashes out sacks of money.
  3. As young leaders, we need to take notes on this and Strive to be a Different kind of better
  4. THERE’S LIFE AFTER COVID-19! Keep the faith


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