Response To The President’s Address of March 30th.

Response To The President’s Address of March 30th.

Response To The President’s Address of March 30th.

Students Against Covid-19
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March 30, 2020

Dear Humans,

Gallant Ugandans, the student community, ladies and gentlemen, I greet you in the mighty name of our Lord. I am writing to you pursuant to the presidential directives that have been passed today on the 30th of March 2020. The effect of these directives which has a bearing on our campaign is that we are not allowed to have gatherings or cause huge numbers to gather. As the team, “Students against COVID-19”, we appreciate the president’s efforts to counteract the pandemic. We would like to add that those are efficacious and reasonable directives.

That notwithstanding, we can all agree that the campaign being a worthy one, we should not stop in our pursuit to make our country a better place to stay for the less privileged;

  • It is in that vein that we implore the team to increase and shoot the social media presence, now than ever before. We are a united, effective voice that can and will have a gross impact in these times. We are to continue running the massive pictorial campaigns; this will not require physical interactions but will actually have a multiplier effect.
  • Furthermore, we are to continue gathering resources that we shall channel through legitimate and transparent channels with the necessary permission from the government which will deliver our contributions to the needy people. We shall also lobby for at least 3 team members to join the group so as to have our presence on the delivery team.
  • We shall keep the student conversation going online as this has already shown an enormous effect, with help from different media houses.
  • We shall add a medical team to the group that will be able to provide expert opinion to address questions coming from the student community and other members.
  • We shall keep in touch with the government official communications so as to stay in tandem and give accurate information to the masses.
  • We are to open a helpline which our members can use to reach out, in turn, we shall connect them to necessary government departments for quick help
  • We shall also have our talented youth on the platform bring exhibit the same while communicating awareness and comforting messages. This is after critical analysis that has brought us to conclude that people may be psychologically affected in this crisis.
  • We shall form a work from the home toolkit to aid people in this time for both formal and informal workers. Here, we shall encourage zoom for meetings, Facebook groups, tweet chats, open MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), Virtual Directories(short videos on causes and prevention) and health practitioners, as well as e-commerce.
  • We are to massively share videos with relatable content from young people worldwide, with more concentration in Uganda.
  • We are to work with YouthAgainstCoronaVirus based in Tanzania which is well acquainted with navigating media and is already on the same pursuit
  • We shall work with StudentsAgainstCovid based in the United States, a projet similar to ours and sensitive to youth challenges.

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Team Leader
Naiga Shubrah Kasozi


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